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Presents unique challenges given the size and complexity of government operations. Developers provision instances and forget to spin them down…someone tries to access something without proper authorization… Contractor development teams are constantly being onboarded… Honest mistakes end up being costly and introducing unnecessary risk. For federal agencies this is compounded by enhanced security and compliance requirements.

“The best way to manage cloud infrastructure is to not manage it at all.”

– Aaron Kilinski, STS Chief Technology Officer


NoOps is the next evolution in cloud computing. NoOps extends automation from the software development and delivery lifecycle to operations and maintenance (O&M) activities. With routine maintenance like patching, network provisioning, and asset management automated, O&M Teams focus on higher value activities.  

Automated governance is the cornerstone of our approach. Leveraging a combination of technologies (serverless computing, cloud native services, PaaS, AI/ML) and reworking of processes and workflows, we automate care and feeding of IT infrastructure. Real-time, event-based monitoring and remediation ensure computing environments, resources, and activities are always within established (as-code!) guardrails. With basic O&M activities automated, we reduce team size. In the end smaller teams perform higher value work, and the security and customer experience of the enterprise is enhanced.

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RCA is a suite of serverless automation solutions for cloud governance. RCA automatically identifies and remediates cloud environments, instances, and resources that are orphaned, over-provisioned, and over-scheduled. The benefits of RCA are 1) reduced cloud waste, 2) enhanced security, and 3) guaranteed compliance across the enterprise using governance-as-code.
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